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Toddler School: Tuesday

I love books. I really do – I only read about one adult novel a year at this stage of my life, but at most other stages of my life, you could find me with my nose buried in a story. I love all kinds of books, but a truly beautiful kid’s book has a […]

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Caitlin Szalkowski - It’s amazing that you’re blogging about this, Alyssa! I read through all of them this at about 4 AM while I was up with the baby, ha. And I learned things! It is so interesting to see what homeschooling is like from the parent’s perspective (especially outside of the “doing it for religious reasons” context). I’m curious to know how you guys arrived at the decision to homeschool Murph and what, if any, other options you considered or explored. We bought a house in the city and I don’t know anything other than living within city limits, but BPS are hardly recognizable from when I was a student. So we’ve already started the conversation about what we’ll do for school when the time comes (sooner than we realize I’m sure). Homeschooling is something that has crossed my mind, especially, honestly, after knowing that it was something you guys did and thus was not just a “religious thing”. Anyway, keep up the amazing work,
I’ll be reading along for sure!