I remember thinking, as a child, it was taking forever to grow up. I counted each milestone – teen years, learner’s permit, license and finally, adulthood. I finally grew up. I met my husband, and we had our own children. And now, as a parent, I can’t believe how fast time is going. It’s too fast, and while I want to remember every minute of it, I’m often surprised when my husband reminds me of something I’ve already forgotten.

I’m Alyssa. My husband, Rich, and I have been busy running Nickel City Studios for the past seven years, while raising our boys. We started our careers as photojournalists in the military, got out, came back to Buffalo and started our family and the wedding photography studio. But a few years ago, we started shooting families, and we absolutely fell in love with it.

When one of us works with you, we don’t take photos of families in matching khakis, all smiling at the photographer with perfectly coiffed hair. We take photos of real families.

We take photos that capture the love a family has for each other. Playing, laughing and loving. Rich and I want to capture the feeling of a family, and my biggest hope is that twenty years from now, your child will hold one of your photos in their hand, shot back in a time they hardly remember, and be able to see exactly how much their parents loved them.

Family portrait session

A shoot with one of us is all about having fun with your kids. We want everyone to have a great time, and sometimes we need to take a snack break or a potty break, so we don’t put a time limit on our shoots. Every child is different, but location shoots usually last about 45 minutes to an hour. We include a disc of high-resolution files from your session for you to print wherever and however you like.


First Year Sessions

Maternity, newborn, 6 months and 1 year photoshoots to document the first year of your baby’s life.


Please Note: Because we only take a certain number of shoots a year, I can book up several months in advance.

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